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Wellbeing Programmes With Charlotte

Charlotte Brazier our CEO/ Founder offers, runs, designs and manages wellbeing programmes and workshops to businesses and organisations who want to support the mental wellbeing of their employees.
Unlike many other wellbeing providers offering these programmes, Charlotte goes out and meets with the organisation to find out exactly what they want and goes away and tailor fits something unique for that individual organisation to help support the mental wellbeing of their staff / colleagues / volunteers.

Charlotte's first organisation who took the plunge to see what Charlotte could do was 'Volkers Fitzpatrick' they are contracted by Highways England with multiple projects all over the UK with hundreds of employees from office staff to engineers and construction workers. Charlotte is contracted to them through Sunflowers as their Wellbeing Officer. She attends 2 of their sites at current and visits them both once a month offering support to their workforce.

Running these wellbeing programmes helps fund sunflowers counselling, hub, support group services which are all free to the community.

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