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Services We Offer

Sunflowers HUB

Sunflowers provides an information HUB to the local communities of East Sussex struggling with their mental health and wellbeing. 

We have our own hub / directory on other local charities, organisations, groups which can support adults and young people depending on the specific reason. ie. domestic violence, bereavement, OCD.

We have pop up hubs that are available to be loaned out and also provide pop up hub days at venues.




You can also come and see us at our Hailsham office via appointment to have a chat and see how we can help. Although we are a free counselling service it doesn't mean its the right support for that individual so we will do what we can to help find them the right support for them.

We help direct people to other services and charities that are available to them in their local area. This also includes non-profit organisations, small businesses and clubs supporting children or adults with mental health & well-being.​



Sunflowers main service is FREE Counselling. We offer 12 weeks of free counselling to any one in the local communities of East Sussex struggling with anxiety / depression. 

We are aware of the big gap in the system and would like to help fill it by offering support to those in desperate need of it.
We have a team of qualified psychotherapists and person centre counsellors as well as 2nd and 3rd year students in placement with us. 

We offer face to face counselling at our Office in Hailsham and also offer an online counselling service also for those who prefer zoom.

Psychology Session

Wellbeing Calls 

Our wellbeing calls started at the beginning of the pandemic of COVID-19 2020 when we put together our Lockdown project 'Sunflowers Supporting Sussex'. We was awarded the 'Make a difference award' by BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey during these times. Our Wellbeing team carried out wellbeing calls to those over 55 suffering with loneliness and isolation. There has been such a great need for these calls that we have continued the project and it has been a great success. 

Our Wellbeing team of volunteers has grown along with all our lovely clients that we call and check in with.

These calls can vary from daily to weekly depending on the indivudal's needs. 
For more information regarding our wellbeing calls please get in touch!


Support Groups

Sunflowers offers FREE support groups lead by sunflower volunteers.
These groups are really beneficial and each group has its own uniqueness with a complete dynamic of people who attend.
The aim is to offer a safe haven within a peer group facility to give people the chance to open up about their feelings and have the space and freedom to talk and be reminded that its okay to not be okay and everyone in the group is their to listen and support.


Group therapy works very well especially for those who find making friendships difficult or talking to family hard about how they feel. It helps them battle loneliness and feel the freedom of speech with a supportive group of people around them holding no judgement or stigma.

 We run our friendly support groups in Hailsham, Hellingly, Uckfield areas.

Let Us Grow (Hailsham) Mondays 7-8pm 

7 Cups of Tea (Hellingly) Wednesdays 12-1pm

Every Mind Matters (Uckfield)Thursdays 12-1pm

Holding Hands
Support Group
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