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Hawthylands Road Christmas Lights

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

A small number of Hailsham residents on Hawthylands road join together at Christmas, decorating their homes in the most fantastic light show with the sole aim of helping to raise money for their chosen charities. They have become quite an attraction at Christmas time as they have been decorating them in quite fantastic fashion for a few years! Every year there is something different to marvel at!

This year, Sunflowers CIC was one of the chosen charities along with the Henry Ripley Memorial. What a privilege to be chosen! Thanks to you all and your amazing donations, the display raised a massive total of £2660! That means a whopping £1330 donated to Sunflowers CIC to continue its fantastic work.


Take a look at the amazing display for yourself below and if you didn't manage to catch it this year, be on the lookout next year!

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