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Sunflowers is unable to take on new clients at the moment.
Check back soon!

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Counselling With Sunflowers


We have a growing team of volunteer psychotherapists & person centred counsellors supporting those struggling with anxiety / depression in the local communities of East Sussex.

Sunflowers offers 12 free sessions of counselling to any one on a low income who is in desperate need of support

We have 2 counselling rooms at our Head Office in Hailsham & also offer online counselling via Zoom. 

We are aware of the big gap in the system and would like to help fill it by offering support to those in desperate need of it.

We want the environment you speak freely in to feel both safe and comfortable. We are not a clinical environment but are friendly, welcoming with a mindful and holistic approach. 

We also have student counsellors in placement with us but we are very strict on the criteria; students must be in their 2nd / 3rd year of study and will need to go through a interview and induction process with us. 

Psychology Session
Happy at Home

We are proud users of a system called Tacklit, it helps to manage our counselling waiting lists and referrals. It also allows you to self-refer for counselling and set up your client profile! 

If you are looking to use our counselling service, please visit our self referral site below. 

"As somebody who benefits from private counselling as well as attends support groups, I can safely say that I am an entirely different person. The techniques, new perspective and wholesome approach to mental health that Sunflowers has provided me has allowed for life to become so much more manageable."

- Sunflowers beneficiary 

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